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MOD-PAC Stock Packaging - Deco Square Pattern Fudge Boxes - Candy Boxes - Gift Boxes

Deco Square Pattern Folding Boxes - 2-Piece Bases - Candy Boxes - Gift Boxes

Looking for something a little different? MOD-PAC’s line of deco square two-layer bases makes a very elegant, formal presentation. It is the perfect color choice if you want a particular high end piece to stand out. This base goes great with our royal blue or kelly green covers. Prefer a different color? We have a variety of different color covers with or without windows to pair the deco square pattern with. Then dress the box up with some Personalized Ribbon or a Gift Tag.

All MOD-PAC boxes are made of paperboard approved by the FDA for direct food contact if you would like to use the gift box for a food application. Not sure if your product will fit? Contact us today at to request samples. Always try before you buy!