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About Us

For over 125 years, MOD-PAC has been a pioneer in the printing and manufacturing of premium quality folding cartons. Founded in 1881 as Cooper Paper Box, the company was acquired by the Astronics Corporation in 1972, at which time the MOD-PAC CORP. name was established. The printing & packaging segment of Astronics that was operated through MOD-PAC became a separate corporation in March 2003.

MOD-PAC is a pioneer in the creation of stock folding boxes for the confectionery industry.  We are a manufacturer of boxes for chocolate assortments, fudge boxes, favor boxes and gift boxes.  You can also count on us to meet all of your accessory needs including plastic trays, candy pads, layer boards, and stretch loops.  MOD-PAC also offers a wide variety of shopping bags, candy bags, ribbon, candy bar wrappers and tags.  Almost all items can be customized with hot stamping or imprinting using custom logos or standard type styles and designs.

At our current 500,000 square foot location in Buffalo, New York, MOD-PAC produces high quality folding cartons for large companies and small businesses alike. Whatever your requirements, we can do it for you. Contact MOD-PAC today and open your world to creative packaging.