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Frequently Asked Questions

Typical Questions Asked By MOD-PAC Customers

Q - What is your Return Policy?

A - Our products are warranted against faulty workmanship or materials.  We will replace them if we are in error. If any item fails to meet your expectations, it must be returned in unused and undamaged condition within 30 days of the invoice date to receive credit.  Before returning merchandise, you must call our Customer Service Department at 1-800-666-3722 to obtain a return authorization number.  Returns made without MOD-PAC's prior authorization will not be credited. If you order in error, authorized returns of accessories and plain boxes (not imprinted or hot stamped) are subject to round-trip freight charges and a 10% restocking charge or minimum $10.00 restocking fee, whichever is greater. All returns must have an order number, customer number and invoice number. MOD-PAC will not be responsible for any consequential damages as a result of our error.  Our liability is specifically limited to the value of the product we manufactured. We reserve the right to request the product be returned to us for inspection or correction.

Q - What is the difference between Open Stock and Custom Packaging?

A - Open Stock is defined as boxes and accessories shown in our catalog and listed in the Price List, available for immediate delivery, i.e., "off the shelf". Products are identified by a product number. Minimum order quantity is 50 of an item. Custom packaging is a standard MOD-PAC size/style or a non-standard construction that is manufactured as a separate run on a pre-ordered basis. Minimum order quantities and longer lead times apply.

Q - What is a plain box?

A - Any MOD-PAC folding box shipped directly from Open Stock with no added imprinting or hot stamping.

Q - What is the difference between imprinting and hot stamping?

A - Imprinting is a process using ink to add graphics to a folding box. Stamping uses foil to add copy. There is no difference in price! The Personalizing program uses hot stamping only.

Q - What is a Personalized box?

A - A box taken from Open Stock and hot stamped in small quantities with simple graphics, usually stock art and standard type styles. A customer supplied logo and other artwork can also be reproduced, but no ingredient copy or other complex art. The maximum Personalized image area is 4 ½" x 6 ½". Maximum number of colors is one.

Q - How do I submit custom artwork to MOD-PAC for full case and personalized orders?

A - Please read our How to submit artwork document.

Q - What is artwork?

A - This is a logo, other copy or graphic design submitted by the customer or created by MOD-PAC (full case only) for reproduction. Sometimes called "camera ready" or "black and white art". Artwork may also be created through a computer program to make digital art.