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Hot Stamping and Imprinting Information!

MOD-PAC's Personalizing Capabilities

Make an impression with a Personalized Package...

Personalizing Program: The Personalizing Program excels in extremely fast turnaround of hot stamped orders (maximum image area of 4 1⁄2" x 6 1⁄2") in quantities as small as 50 pieces. There is no art/plate charge if you select from the available Standard Designs, Standard Type Styles and Standard Monograms. Artwork provided by customers can also be reproduced. For a wedding, retirement party, special birthday, corporate gift giving or any other "one time" event, the most effective choice is Personalizing.

MINIMUM ORDER: Personalized - 50 pieces. Any quantity may be ordered thereafter, e.g., 57, 78, 109, 150 etc.
BROKEN CASE PRICE: This applies to any Personalized box/bag. For instance, if you ordered a full case of 250 Personalized boxes, the Broken Case price would still apply.
PERSONALIZING CHARGE: When using Standard Hot Stamping Colors a flat set-up charge per item is added to the Broken Case price. Personalized prices listed include up to 4 lines of copy or 3 lines of copy and one standard design. Exception: place card setting allowed. Sorry, no ingredient copy.
EXTRA LINES: Any copy over 4 lines or 3 lines and a Standard Design will require a plate.
PERSONALIZED AREA: The maximum Personalizing area is 4 1⁄2˝ x 6 1⁄2˝ on the printable area of any item. One copy direction only. Due to their size, Vogue Bags always require a plate.
ONE SIDE PERSONALIZING: Looking at the box/bag in the flat, unassembled state, only one of the two sides can be Personalized for the standard Broken Case pricing.
SECOND SIDE PERSONALIZING: Available for an additional each using Standard Hot Stamping Colors plus the applicable Personalizing Charge.
STANDARD DESIGNS: Choose from 309 Standard Designs illustrated on pages. We will determine the size of each design in proportion to the box selected unless otherwise specified.
STANDARD TYPE STYLES: Seventeen (17) Standard Type Styles and fourteen (14) Standard Monogram Styles are offered. Please specify type face and/or monogram style desired when ordering. Copy can be arranged in the proofer on-line. If you cannot arrange your copy and/or standard design the way you want, please contact customer service at
PRESS PROOF CHARGE: An actual Personalized box/bag proof (on the piece itself) will be provided for $25.00 in addition to any other charges such as the $50.00 Net plate cost. This proof charge is non-refundable and does not apply to the cost of the order.
CUSTOM ART/PLATE: Good black and white artwork must be provided by the customer to produce a quality product. Please view our Artwork Requirements. We reserve the right to decline any artwork we feel will not reproduce, e.g., sketches, clippings, screen tints, thin line art or raised printing. Customer supplied artwork unacceptable for reproduction will be returned.
Note: We do not save samples from orders having dates that utilize MOD-PAC Standard Type Styles and/or Standard Designs. To insure that your box or bag looks the same each time you order, we recommend purchasing a plate or submitting a sample. Samples from orders using plates that do not have dates are saved for repeat orders. Plates are kept on file under your account number for repeat orders.
ORDER LEAD TIMES: You can normally expect the following production time in our plant before we ship credit approved orders.
Personalizing using Standard Designs and/or Standard Type Styles - 72 hours after receipt of order.
Personalizing using customer supplied artwork - 5 business days after receiving customer approved proof.
Plain Broken Case orders - 24 hours.

MOD-PAC's Personalizing Capabilities

Full Case Imprinting and Hot Stamping

MOD-PAC's Personalizing Capabilities

Full Case Imprinting and Hot Stamping: In general, when a Personalized order quantity reaches 750 boxes or 1000 bags, ordering through the Full Case Imprinting and Hot Stamping Program will result in better pricing. However, the turnaround time is 5 to 10 business days. Additionally, when orders require ingredient copy, complex graphics, or have image areas exceeding 4 1/2” x 6 1/2”, they must be placed through the MOD-PAC Full Case Program. Normal turnaround time is 5 to 10 business days after credit and/or art proof approval. 3 or more colors are subject to quote and art approval at all quantities.
Charges: There are price breaks for hot stamping at 250, 750, 1000 and 5000. For any orders over 10,000 of a single SKU (same copy), please contact us for quote at Note: There is no sortability, e.g., different copies on the same size box/bag or different product numbers cannot be combined for quantity pricing.
ADDITIONAL CHARGES: Set-up Charge: Applies for orders under 250 pieces.
Second side: Additional charges per box, per color, apply no matter what Full Case quantity is ordered. Second side is unavailable on bags.
Press proof charge: We do not charge for a mailed photocopy proof, faxed or e-mail proof of artwork and layout. A customer signed proof or e-mail confirmation of approval must be received before we order plates and schedule the order for production. If you desire an imprinted or hot stamped press proof, there is an additional per color, per side for one imprinted or hot stamped piece plus any art and plate charges that apply.
Low Minimum Order • Fast Service • Exact Quantities, No Overrun or Under run
39 Standard Hot Stamping Colors • Large Assortment of PMS Ink Colors (ink not available on bags)

ART AND PLATE CHARGE: Boxes $50.00 / Bags $25.00: This charge applies to new or revised copy. Plate charges DO apply whenever standard type styles and/or standard designs are used. Plates for inactive boxes/bags will be retained for a period of four years. After four years, the customer may be subject to new plate charges. Because a different imprinting process is used, plates for MOD-PAC Full Case orders cannot be used for Personalized orders. You will be advised of any additional art charges for excessive re-work before work is started. Applicable art and plate charges are invoiced when the order ships or no longer than 90 days after the order is entered, whichever occurs first. Cancellation charges will be billed for any artwork performed on imprinted orders that are subsequently cancelled. We are not responsible for errors in customer furnished/approved artwork.
CUSTOMER PROOF APPROVAL: We do not charge for a mailed photocopy proof or faxed proof of artwork and layout. A customer signed proof must be received before we order plates and schedule the order for production. For best service, please do not delay forwarding your proof approval. See above under “ADDITIONAL CHARGES” if you desire an imprinted or hot stamped press proof.

  • Keep your design/copy simple.
  • Use our Full Case Order Form and print the copy exactly as you want it to appear on the box.
  • Camera ready art is a high quality laser printout, a velox or photostat (no color, no gray scale). Good camera ready art does not have too many fine lines, screens or minute detail. Such art will not imprint or hot stamp well. Art should be clean black and white. Photocopies (Xeroxes), ink jet copies and faxed artwork are unacceptable. Please view our Artwork Requirements. Computer files must be Macintosh compatible: Freehand 9.0, Quark 5.0, Illustrator 10.0, Photoshop 7.0 (lower versions can be submitted). Attached files cannot be any larger than 2 megabytes: If combined files exceed 2 megabytes, send multiple e-mail attachments. Indicate the number of files being sent in the Subject Header of your e-mail (e.g. 1 of 3 files, 2 of 3 files, etc.). Art can also be submitted via CD or DVD. Please follow the Macintosh compatible programs listed above.
MOD-PAC is not responsible for verification of ingredient copy or nutritional information in regard to conformance of federal, state and local laws, e.g., the listing of potential allergens.