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MOD-PAC Stock Packaging - Two Piece Set Up Boxes - Rigid Boxes - Gift Boxes

3 oz. Square Set-Up Boxes - Candy Boxes - Truffle Boxes

MOD-PAC carries a small line of elegant set-up boxes. A set-up box (also referred to as a paperboard rigid box), is shipped erected so the user does not have to assemble the box. MOD-PAC’s Set-Up boxes feature loose-wrapped covers in a variety of colors and tight-wrapped white bases. The sizes are comparable to the Two-Piece 3 oz. Square folding cartons (1269C & 1269B). So, they will accommodate the same plastic trays, candy pads, and stretch loops. Set-Up Boxes can be Personalized for a nominal fee and ship within 72 hours when using Standard Typestyles and Standard Designs!

All MOD-PAC boxes are made of paperboard approved by the FDA for direct food contact if you would like to use the gift box for a food application. Not sure if your product will fit? Contact us today at to request samples. Always try before you buy!