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Favor Boxes - One-Piece Folding Favor Boxes

MOD-PAC boasts a huge selection of Favor Style boxes in a rainbow of colors. Small single truffles (1225), traditional bow boxes (2000) and unique styles like the Pyramid box (1211) and the hexagon style box (1240) allows you to offer your customers unique gifts for guests at their events. Favor boxes can be customized through our Personalizing program for a low set-up fee and a minimum order of just 50 boxes. Orders using our Standard Designs and Type Styles ship in just 3 business days! Whenever you order a personalized favor, be sure to always request that your name and phone number or web address be printed somewhere on the box. This is a free service MOD-PAC offers to help you drum up more business. Favor boxes are also a great item to display at you counter for impulse buys. Put just a taste of your signature piece in a small box with your store name on it and take them around to the local businesses in your area. You never know when a hotel might be looking for new turn downs or a car dealership may want to use your candy as a gift with the purchase of a new car. Many businesses are looking for more economical gifts for their employees, vendors and/ best customers. A Favor box is the perfect size to do so without breaking the bank. Favor boxes are also great additions to gift baskets.

All MOD-PAC boxes are made of paperboard approved by the FDA for direct food contact. Not sure if your product will fit? Contact us today at to request samples. Always try before you buy!