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MOD-PAC Stock Packaging - One-Piece Fudge Boxes - Candy Boxes - Gift Boxes

1 Pound One-Piece – Fudge Boxes – Candy Boxes – Chocolate Covered Strawberry Boxes – Photo Box – Chocolate Assortment Box

One of our most popular sizes for fudge, the 1110 series of boxes is available in a multitude of colors and patterns. For fudge applications, the box will accommodate slabs or you can pour your fudge into a convenient Plastic Tray (plastic tray # 2711). Economical and easy to set up, this is a great everyday style to use for a variety of chocolate confections such as turtles, chocolate covered berries, bark and chocolate covered pretzels. For a different look and added versatility, try the square 2500 series. These boxes are the same convenient fully automatic bottom construction but will accommodate any of the 8 oz. Square Plastic Trays. Also available in the 1 lb. size are single layer boxes (one-piece style 1350). This item will hold approximately 16 oz. of fudge, or 10 oz. of bark, chocolate miniatures. There is non-window (1350), window (1360) and Easter (4630) styles available in this size. Do you sell non-pareils? If so, the solid bottom (1525) series might be your best choice. The sturdy construction of this box won’t allow any crumbs to come through the bottom. Die-cut blank construction also offers versatility for Full Case hot stamping and imprinting. Also available in a 1lb. one-piece style box is the unique Photo Box (1380). You can slide a postcard to create a seasonal or regional look or sell the box as a gift item to someone who wants to add 4” x 6” photo to personalize it! What Grandma doesn’t want a photo of the grandkids – with chocolates as an added bonus! Think of it as a chocolate picture frame! Use any of the 1lb. Trays by itself or use the tray with a 1 pound one-layer base (1400B) and slide into this easy to construct, side-load box.

All MOD-PAC boxes are made of paperboard approved by the FDA for direct food contact. Not sure if your product will fit? Contact us today at to request samples. Always try before you buy!